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 About Us
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning ProductsWe supply our own chemicals, vacuums, cloths, and anything else needed to fully clean and sanatize your home making it as healthy and fresh as can be.
While deep cleaning with the Detail-Clean Rotation System we provide these services every time we come to your home
Kitchens and bathrooms:
Top to Bottom  Edge to Edge   Starting at the top and working our way down we get any cobwebs and light fixtures. The countertops and sinks are wiped down with Green Seal products and dried clean. Any cupboards or cabinets are washed and dried. In the kitchen the microwave is washed inside and out and the stove range is wiped clean from top to bottom. In the bathroom the toilets are completely sanitized with Green Seal sanitizer,  wiped down from top to bottom and even behind. Shower/bathtubs are thoroughly wiped down with  soft non abrasive scrubbing cleaners, to work out any hard water and make it look new everytime.  At  Badger Cleaners every surface is touched, we even wipe down soap dishes and shampoo and conditioner bottles.
Bedrooms, Livingrooms, Dens, and all other rooms:
   Again starting at the top of the rooms we get any cobwebs, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and hanging pictures. All surfaces are dusted and all decorations are detailed
 Badger Cleaners  is so detailed we get anything that can possibly hold dust or grime and we wipe it clean such as, tops of kleenex boxes, tops of candles, dust collecting mini blinds, remote controls, soap dishes, shampoo and conditioner bottles, light fixtures, computer and T.V. screens, any and all wood furniture or counter tops.  We have a keen eye for Detail.
We Supply the Cleaning Products
Guard Youself and Your Loved Ones.
To protect the earth and your family, we use Green SealCertified® chemicals, HEPA vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths preferred by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services that reduce impact on the environment and your health.
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