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Keep Your Brand New House Looking New Forever

Keep Brand New or Newly Remodeled House to stay that way.
Take it from a Professional 

When it comes to a brand new house, it is the look, feel and smell  of Brand New that we want to last forever.  But sadly we know all things in life do not stay brand new looking forever, or do they?

I have been cleaning houses for 25 years.  I love to start a client with a brand new, just built house.  In the cleaning business, there is nothing better than starting and keeping a house looking brand new for years to come.  If a cleaner is in tune with their job, they get to know every corner of a house.  They know what every surface requires to be clean and shiny.  They know what  product, if any, is needed for each appliance in the kitchen, along with the bathroom toilet, shower and sinks.  If they are experienced, they should know that any new house or remodeled to new, should stay new looking, and that is their job. But to be fair, I would say 80% of the time it is the builder, or homeowners fault, when their new house starts to look old and dingy in a short period of time, even with regular scheduled cleanings.  The other 20% is just out of touch, not in tune, bad  cleaners, out to make a quick buck, period.  

I absolutely hate to watch brand new glass shower walls or doors, go from beautiful see through, not a flaw on them, to hard water, looking very old with crust on them.  And they will stay that way forever, never to go back to new looking again.  This is a builder and sometimes homeowner at fault issue.  

Believe me I have heard it all from builders about what products to use on glass shower doors, and the product is not the issue when it comes to glass, it is the hard water.  As I said hard water can totally ruin glass.  The problem is builders do not tell homeowners the biggest rule to maintaining a New Houses everlasting look.  This very very important, Salt in the water softener.  It must always be fully stocked with salt, normally 1 to 2 bags per month.  NOT having salt in the softener can be devastating to many very expensive items built in your house.  From the shower doors, that I mentioned, to the kitchen countertops, to the metal sinks.  But if you keep up on the salt in the water softener, then your toilets, showers, counters, faucet fixtures, and bathtubs will maintain the beauty they were made and born with.  This very important rule is never told to homeowners. 

What I find is that the builder can spew out anything to the homeowner, and they listen as though these builders are the most knowledgeable creatures on earth.  But the truth is, that once your home is built or remodeled, they are gone, gone forever.  If you have a cleaner hired, it is up to them to keep it new and clean, using whatever product the builder thinks would be best, which is usually something my mother used or Something worthless like, Fantastic from the 70s.   

My question is “What do builders know about Cleaning”?  Answer, NOTHING.  After all, what do I, as a cleaner, know about building houses?  NOTHING, but I am the one getting the heat, because my clients are wondering why I cannot get those hard water spots off their expensive marble counters, or why their wood floors are starting to have permanent streaks in them ( I will get to floors soon) or why their white porcelain sinks and toilets are forever stained.  But when a builder tells them do not use anything but windex on marble, well then, I cannot get the hard water spots out.  Or when a builder says not to use anything but Bona products on the wood floors, no water, then the floors do not get washed, and the oils in Bona leave uneven streaks on the floors, I am to blame.  The fact is cleaning floors with Bona is not cleaning them, it is smearing oils on them, when we spill something on our floors or counters, do we grab an oil product to smear around on the spill?  No, we grab a wet cloth and wash it.  Bottom line, Bona does not clean, it only smears oil on top of the dirt, which is just continually smearing dirt, time after time.  After a good year of this method, and Your wood floors are not technically clean.  I could take a wet cloth to the floor after a Bona clean and my cloth is black, from a whole year of smearing dirt and oils on the floors.  But the builder knows how to clean right?

I recently had a builder, who remodeled my 17 year clients kitchen and bathrooms.  As he was leaving on his last day, he told me that he told my client to not put salt in the softener, because they have a refrigerator with a water spout attached, that salt will come out, and they will be drinking it.  Totally FALSE.  I happen to own a refrigerator with a water spout, and I am here to tel you, salt does not come out.  Do a test yourself.  Walk up to your water spout at your refrigerator, look at the small water catch plate below the spout.  It has hard crusty water on it right?  Because salt is not hooked to the refrigerator.  This client had a three wall glass shower installed in one bathroom, and a two glass door pit in the small bathroom.  They looked great for the first week ( I clean weekly there ) but by the third week, with no salt in softener, the beautiful new glass looked old and full of hard water spots, all the glass walls were no longer see through, actually they are an eyesore.  But they listened to the builder, he knows how to clean right?  As a cleaner, there is nothing I can do, absolutely nothing.  You can get sold on products claiming to to take hard water off glass, but the truth is, they are all a waste of money, NOTHING will take hard water out permanently.  

The bottom line is, that listening to a builder who is not going to be around as long as the cleaner ( I have had some of my clients for over 20years ) is a bad idea, as I said before, once the home is built or remodeled, they are gone.  

My advice is to listen to your professional cleaner ( hopefully your cleaner is knowledgeable enough ) after all, your cleaner knows your house, and many others.  We as cleaners have seen every surface there is, your house is not the only house we clean, and all houses are different.  And keep in mind that a cleaner that only uses spray bottles of any kind and not a water and solution in a bucket, is only smearing dirt around and not sanitizing or even cleaning your surfaces of your house.  But just like a builder, they are unknowledgeable and not  experienced in cleaning.  And ALWAYS keep your water softener full of salt.

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654 on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 12:44 AM
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bestessays uk on Thursday, April 26, 2018 11:44 PM
New house process and looking wonderful forever the brand looking more impressive in every corner. Thanks to badgercleaners site for updating and following the more surface required bathroom toilets,quick back process.
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college paper writers on Monday, June 04, 2018 2:17 AM
Okay, I will use your tips to make my house look fresh. I think it's important.
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Torres on Friday, June 08, 2018 5:38 AM
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best term paper on Monday, June 25, 2018 3:06 AM
Keeping a house looking brand new can be a tedious process. It involves having strict rules regarding the use of the things inside the home. Keeping your house clean and organized is hard, especially when you are a busy person. Looking for a cleaning service that you could trust takes time and when you find that trusty cleaning service they can give you their utmost care for your home don't break that trust that you have with them. Having a home that looks and feels brand new makes you feel a lot more comfortable.
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adam on Thursday, June 28, 2018 9:46 AM
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dfs on Friday, June 29, 2018 3:36 AM
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It is important to keep our houses clean to avoid distressing feelings. Maintaining the cleanliness of our homes will make it more comfortable to stay at. Doing simple chores to make it spotless and remain looking brand new would also benefit our bodies and serve as an exercise. We all want to live in an appealing home, and with this there are services being provided to clean our houses if we don't have time to do it. It is great that services like this are being offered, leaving it to the professionals will assure us that our houses will look brighter and cleaner.
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